Battery Terminal Cleaning and Maintenance Service

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That white solid that you see around your battery terminal is the main reason for engine not cranking or your UPS not providing enough power. It is a result of chemical process known as “Sulfation” and this layer is bad conductor of electricity. Experts at BatteryMAX not only clean these terminals professionally but also apply protective coating that inhibits future deposition.

Build-up of lead sulfate crystals on battery terminals provide poor conductivity for the flow of electric current. These white crystals can lead to:

  • loss of cranking power
  • longer charging times
  • excessive heat build-up
  • shorter running times between charges
  • dramatically shorter battery life

To keep you from being stranded when you need it the most you should always keep your battery terminals cleaned. It will ensure proper functioning of the battery and help you get most of out of your battery. Experts at BatteryMAX professionally cleans your battery terminals and apply protective coating that will inhibit future deposition. Along with that if electrolyte level is found low it will be topped off.


Note: Electrolyte level for car is topped of free of charge but for UPS / Solar system batteries, equivalent amount shall b charged.

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Battery Terminal Cleaning and Maintenance Service
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