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Due to shorter in-city trips, your car battery doesn’t get enough time to charge fully. Undercharging is the main reason for buildup of sulphate crystals and leads to premature battery failure. BatteryMAX recommends giving your battery a full charge twice in a month. Avail our battery charging service to keep yourself covered.

Sulfation or build up of lead sulfate crystals on battery plates occurs when a battery is deprived of a full charge. It is the number one causes of premature battery failure. A sulfated battery can lead to:

  • longer charging times
  • loss of cranking power
  • excessive heat build-up leading
  • shorter running times between charges
  • dramatically shorter battery life

If the battery is allowed to stay in undercharged condition for a longer duration of time then sulfate crystals harden up (hard sulfation) and it is the stage when it is least likely that the battery can be recovered. However, when the sulfation is at its initial stage (soft sulfation), it can be reversed by slowly charging the battery. Keeping your battery at 100% sate of charge (SOC) deters sulfation and increases battery life. You can buy Lead Acid battery charger in our “chargers” section or employ our battery charging service to keep your battery in good health and juiced up.

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Car Battery Charging Service
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