Car Battery & Charging System Health Report (CBCSHR)

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Do you face slow engine cranking? Do you suspect your car isn’t providing enough charge to battery to keep it topped of, or may be battery itself has lived its useful life? You want to make sure that both the battery and charging system are functioning properly? Well, this test is designed just for that measuring charging and battery health over 8+ variable.

Keep yourself away from being stranded in the middle of nowhere, you should always keep a check on your battery and charging system. A bad battery or charging system can devastate your beautiful trip. You love your car, so do we, and have designed BCSHR testing that would apprise you of important stats related to your car battery and charging system. The variables that are measured and observed are divided into four categories.

Physical Inspection:

1. Terminal corrosion - Bluish green or whitish power that you see on terminal is a result of chemical process known as sulphation. It is bad conductor of electricity and may result in no-start condition along with other major problems.

2. Terminal fitting - a loosely fitted terminal does not conduct electricity well and may result in no-start condition along with other battery undercharging problems.

3. Electrolyte level - Can be checked for unsealed, flooded battery type only. The loss of electrolyte in battery occurs during charge-discharge cycle as hydrogen escape during this process. This upsets the specific gravity of electrolyte and reduces battery life.

Battery and Cranking:

4. State of charge (SoC) - is the level of charge relative to battery capacity. The units of SoC are percentage points (0% = empty; 100% = full). Battery must be at least 75% charged and to enhance its life it should be charged to 100% after every 2 weeks (using lead acid battery chargers available with us).

5. Cranking Voltage - It is the voltage of the battery while the engine is cranking. Lower voltage means less torque for the starter motor and hence slower cranking of the engine. Lower voltage signals potentially weak battery and/or a battery with lower SoC. This may indicate towards bad charging system as well.

6. Cranking Time - is the time it takes to start the engine from resting position. More cranking time indicate possible problem with battery, ignition system, fuel pump, weak engine, etc. No cranking at all indicate possible problem with battery, starter motor, lose or corroded battery terminal etc.

Charging system:

7. Charging voltage - Optimum charging voltage delivered by alternator of car is essential for a good charge and battery life. At 30-degree Celsius the recommended range for of voltage for battery charging is 14.22v to 14.82v. slight deviation from the range is acceptable as each manufacturer has its own specifications but major deviation may indicate a problem with charging system.

8. Charging Current - is the amount of current car generator (alternator) is providing to charge the battery. The amount of current drawn by the battery also depends upon its SoC but significantly less value may indicate towards potential problem with the charging system.


9. Leak current - is the current drawn by the car from the battery while engine and key is at off position. Its normal for a car to draw 20mA-80mA of current for different housekeeping functions and to retain certain settings in “Keep Alive Memory” (KAM). Hi measurement may indicate parasitic load that may impact battery life and lead to no-start condition. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and let us provide you with the deep insight about your car battery.

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Car Battery & Charging System Health Report (CBCSHR)
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