Daewoo DIB-180 Deep Cycle Lead Acid Unsealed UPS & Solar Battery | 145 Ah

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This Daewoo DIB-180 is a Unsealed Deep Cycle 145 Ah Lead Acid Battery. It can be fitted in all compatible UPS & Solar System.

These Daewoo Deep Cycle lead acid batteries are specially engineered for UPS and Solar Systems. These Deep Cycle batteries gives you the longest backup time and lasts longer than ordinary batteries. These batteries carry 1-year free replacement warranty and are best for using in UPS / Solar system, Offices, Homes and Industries.

Daewoo Battery Pakistan

Battery Structure

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Overall Structure

  1. Best-in-Class Vent Caps
  2. Weld System
  3. Robust Separators
  4. Grid Manufacturing
  5. Paste Formulation
  6. Rounded Corners
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Grid Type Plates

  1. Thick grid improves corrosion resistance
  2. Longer power
  3. Uniform grid dimensions help electric flow
  4. Unique frame prevents internal short circuiting
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Special Additives

  1. 4BS (Tetrabasic Lead Sulphate) is applied to the (+) plate to improve the life cycle and battery capacity
  2. Special additives added enhances the battery life

Battery Features:

  • Longest Backup Time: These batteries provide deep discharge rate for Solar and UPS applications therefore giving you longest backup time.
  • Low Maintenance:These batteries are low maintenance which means you need to check and fill electrolyte less frequently.
  • Longest Life: Daewoo batteries have highest discharge cycles therefore offering you longest life.
  • Heaviest Battery Weight: Daewoo deep cycle batteries have thicker plates, giving you more life and backup time.
  • Korean technology: These batteries are manufactured with latest Korean technology.
  • Warranty: Each battery comes with 1-year Daewoo warranty (applicable Daewoo terms and conditions).

Battery Specification:

Battery Type Sealed (Dry) Battery: No
Tubular Battery: No
Deep Cycle Battery: Yes
Capacity & Plates Capacity @ 20 HR: 145 Ah
Number of Plates: Info Not Provided by Brand
Dimensions Length (mm): 506
Width (mm): 220
Height (mm): 207
Battery Weight (Kg) 40 Kg


[[ PRO TIP ]]

  • Deep Cycle Batteries Only: BatteryMAX highly recommends using Deep Cycle batteries over conventional batteries for Solar & Inverter applications. Deep Cycle batteries provide high Dept of Discharge (DoD) which means you can extract maximum energy from these batteries without significantly effecting its life (compared to non-deep cycle batteries). Also bear in mind that battery life is characterized in terms of ‘cycles’ which is inversely proportional to the DoD.
  • Terminal Corrosion: Keep battery terminals clean. The corrosion (sulfation) on battery terminal does not only hinder load bearing capacity of battery but also prevents the battery from charging fully therefore giving you shorter backup time.
  • Check Inverter / UPS Charging Voltage: During battery charging, the charger should not be putting more than 15+ volts (for these lead batteries) or the battery may fail prematurely. Healthy voltage range is 13.8 ~ 14.5 volts
  • Check Battery Voltage Once a Month: Check battery voltage once a month. A healthy, fully charged lead-acid battery should have a voltage of around 12.7 volts or above. Any voltage above >12.4V is good and ensures that battery is above >75% charged. Voltage of between 12.0-12.4V is partially charged (25%-75%) and any value below <12.0V is a red line. Prolong exposure to low voltage can severely impact battery life.
  • Fully Charge Battery Once a Month: Battery should be charged 100% once a month to avoid permanent loss of capacity (in case battery is not finding enough charging time due to frequent load shedding). Only quality chargers should be used to charge the batteries.
  • Battery Water Level Check-up (for unsealed batteries only): Check battery water level at least once a month or according to the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. During normal use, batteries only consume water – and not sulfuric acid. When battery’s electrolyte is low, filling it with distilled / de-ionized water will keep the battery healthy. Only use quality distilled / de-ionized water.



About Daewoo

Using Korean Technology, Daewoo Battery manufactures lead-acid batteries in Pakistan for various application. Our batteries are 100% Maintenance free and we offer batteries for both your automotive and UPS/Solar needs. We continuously innovate our processes and deploy advance technologies for quality assurance and help providing best in class batteries. Our batteries carry double seal to make it spill proof and it comes pre charged so no more waiting time during installation.

Disclaimer! Details related to the product are provided by the brand itself. BatteryMAX is not liable for validity of these details.
More Information
Battery ShapeBoxy
Sealed BatteryNo
Tubular BatteryNo
Deep Cycle BatteryYes
Battery Voltage12V
Lead-Acid TechnologyFlooded
Weight (kg)40 kg
Battery ChemistryLead Acid
Length (L)506 mm
Width (W)220 mm
Height (H)207 mm
Battery TerminalOther
Capacity (Ah)145 Ah
Brand OriginPakistan
Made InPakistan
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Daewoo DIB-180 | 145 Ah
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