Daewoo DL-60 Lead Acid Sealed Car Battery | 45 Ah

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This Daewoo DL-60 is a Sealed 45 Ah Lead Acid Battery. It can be fitted in all compatible vehicles.

These Daewoo Maintenance-free batteries offer convenience with spill proof design. Eliminating the hassle of electrolyte checking and filling throughout its useful life. Daewoo battery provides high Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) to give you fast engine start even in extreme cold conditions. It comes pre-charged, prefilled with quality electrolyte and ready to use.

Daewoo Battery Pakistan

Battery Structure

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Overall Structure

  1. Optimized design of plate for battery capacity
  2. Enveloped separator for low electrical resistance
  3. Advanced center lug technology & cast on strap
  4. Sealed double cover with flame arrester
  5. Integrated design and reinforced container
  6. Battery health indicator
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Battery Plates

  1. New Expanded Grid Plate of Punch Type
  2. Microfibre and Special Tissue
  3. Pasted Cure Plate
  4. Envelope Separator for Low Electrical Resistance
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Seal and Covering

  1. Flame Arrester
  2. Minimises acid leakage
  3. Special Sealed Cover
  4. Prevents acid leakage & blocks fire from outside
  5. Minimises electrolyte deflection between cells
  6. Minimises electrolyte loss by gassing recovery system
  7. Reinforced design for resistance to vibration & shock damage

Battery Features:

  • Maintenance Free: No hassle of filling and checking battery electrolyte.
  • Ready to Use:Fully charged and pre-filled with quality electrolyte by the manufacture.
  • High CCA: The battery has highest Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) to give you trouble free engine starts during extreme weather.
  • Warranty: Each battery comes with 1-year Daewoo warranty (applicable Daewoo terms and conditions).

Battery Specification:

Battery Type Sealed (Dry) Battery: Yes
Tubular Battery: No
Deep Cycle Battery: No
Capacity & Plates Capacity @ 20 HR: 45 Ah
Number of Plates: Info Not Provided by Brand
Dimensions Length (mm): 237
Width (mm): 128
Height (mm): 224
Battery Weight (Kg) Not Provided By the Brand Kg


[[ PRO TIP ]]

  • Short Rides: Short trips may not be enough to get a full battery charge. Therefore, limit short rides.
  • Terminal Corrosion: Keep battery terminals clean. The corrosion (sulfation) on battery terminal does not only hinder engine starting but also prevents the battery from charging fully.
  • Car Not in Regular Use: Unused car should be started once a week for at least 10 min to keep battery charged in working condition
  • Engine Starting: Keep all lights and accessories off when starting the car
  • Engine Off: Minimize power use while engine is off
  • Check Alternator Voltage: When engine is running, alternator should not be putting out more than 15+ volts or the battery may fail prematurely. Healthy voltage range is 13.8 ~ 14.5 volts
  • Check Battery Voltage Once a Month: Check battery voltage once a month. A healthy, fully charged lead-acid battery should have a voltage of around 12.7 volts or above. Any voltage above >12.4V is good and ensures that battery is above >75% charged. Voltage of between 12.0-12.4V is partially charged (25%-75%) and any value below <12.0V is a red line. Prolong exposure to low voltage can severely impact battery life.
  • Fully Charge Battery Once a Month: Battery should be charged 100% once a month to avoid permanent loss of capacity (in case battery is not finding enough charging time due to short trips). Only quality chargers should be used to charge the batteries.
  • Battery Water Level Checkup (for unsealed batteries only): Check battery water level at least once a month or according to the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. During normal use, batteries only consume water – and not sulfuric acid. When battery’s electrolyte is low, filling it with distilled water will keep the battery healthy.



About Daewoo

Using Korean Technology, Daewoo Battery manufactures lead-acid batteries in Pakistan for various application. Our batteries are 100% Maintenance free and we offer batteries for both your automotive and UPS/Solar needs. We continuously innovate our processes and deploy advance technologies for quality assurance and help providing best in class batteries. Our batteries carry double seal to make it spill proof and it comes pre charged so no more waiting time during installation.

Disclaimer! Details related to the product are provided by the brand itself. BatteryMAX is not liable for validity of these details.
More Information
Battery ShapeBoxy
Sealed BatteryYes
Tubular BatteryNo
Deep Cycle BatteryNo
Battery Voltage12V
Lead-Acid TechnologyFlooded
Weight (kg)0 kg
Battery ChemistryLead Acid
Length (L)237 mm
Width (W)128 mm
Height (H)224 mm
Polarity LayoutLeft
Battery TerminalThin (T1)
Capacity (Ah)45 Ah
JIS RatingN50
Brand OriginPakistan
Made InPakistan
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Daewoo DL-60 | 45 Ah
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