INGCO Jumper Booster Cable HBTCP6008 | 600 Amps

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This INGCO Jumper cable is a heavy duty, fully insulated, color coded with 600 amps capacity. Clamps are tight & made of durable plastic. The cable is flexible to store it easily in your car's trunk. Please see diagram below for jump-start procedure.

  • This INGCO Jumper cable is a heavy duty & fully insulated
  • Color Coded with Red and Black for Positive and Negative terminal respectively
  • 600 amps capacity
  • Clamps are fitted with tight spring & are made of durable & insulated plastic.
  • The cable is flexible for easy storage in car's trunk.


Jump Starting Procedure

Stage - 1: Preparation

  • Park the car with dead battery (Bad Car) next to a car with a good battery (Good Car). Shut off both engines and prop open the hoods. Unlike conventional mechanic, BatteryMAX does not recommend keeping the car engine running before attaching the leads as the high current from Good Car’s battery + Good Car’s Alternator can create severe spark and become potential cause for fire.
  • Identify positive and negative terminals of both batteries. This is important as making reverse connection accidently can severely damage the car circuitry and can even lead to battery explosion.

Stage - 2: Making Connection

  1. Attach the Positive cable (Red) clamp to a positive battery terminal (+) of Bad Car.
  2. Attach the other end of positive cable (Red) clamp to positive battery terminal (+) of Good Car.
  3. Attach the negative cable (Black) clamp to a negative battery terminal (-) of Good Car.
  4. Attach the other end of negative cable (Black) clamp to any metal piece (metal ground) on Bad Car. It can be any bolt on engine or any unpainted surface on car’s body under the hood.

Stage - 3: Starting

  • Start the Good Car. Wait one or two minutes.
  • Then try to start the Bad Car. If success, move to stage – 4.
  • If the car doesn’t start wait a few moments and repeat the above step. But this time ask your partner to increase RPM of the Good Car up to 2500 (by placing foot over accelerator pedal).

Stage - 4: Removing

For removing the clamps follow the sequence given in “Making Connection Stage” in reverse order. I.e., 4 > 3 > 2 > 1. See the diagram for elaboration.


[[ PRO TIP ]]

  • BatteryMAX recommends fully charging the battery after it has been jump started.
  • BatteryMAX recommends strictly following the steps and connecting Negative Clamp (Black) directly to the negative battery terminal of the Bad Car is NOT recommended. It may cause sparking, which can damage the battery. In the case of old flooded lead-acid batteries, there may even be an escape of hydrogen and the spark could ignite that.
  • If you face frequent battery discharge (once every 2 weeks or higher) on a vehicle with good alternator (charging) then it’s time to replace your car’s battery before it leaves you stranded in middle of nowhere. BatteryMAX recommends replacing batteries with new & genuine batteries only. If you want to know genuine batteries, we have available or your car then click here.

More Information
Peak Current600 Amps
Cable Length (ft)10 ft
Weight (gm)1 gm
Brand OriginChina
Made InChina
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INGCO Jumper Cable | 600 Amps
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