Pakistan Accumulators Limited (PAL) is the parent company for both OSAKA and VOLTA batteries with operations spanning over 25 years now. PAL has over 1500 employees, 8 regional offices with head office in Islamabad Pakistan. Initially the company was established with the technical support from Chloride Industrial Batteries Limited, a subsidiary of Hawker Batteries UK with many factories across the world.

Today PAL has established itself a reputation across Pakistan for durable batteries. The company takes pride for introducing for the first time Maintenance Free (MF) batteries from 20AH to 150AH across the country. PAL manufactures batteries for a variety of applications including batteries for Motorcycle, Cars, Tubular Deep Cycle Batteries, Solar and VRLA batteries for telecommunication purposes. PAL manufactures batteries on both JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) and DIN (German Industrial Standard).

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  1. Osaka CR65L+ | 40 Ah

    Special Price 6,900 Rs. Regular Price 7,000 Rs.
  2. Osaka MF-100L | 80 Ah

    Special Price 10,400 Rs. Regular Price 10,600 Rs.
  3. Osaka MF-40GEN | 20 Ah

    Special Price 3,700 Rs. Regular Price 3,800 Rs.
  4. Osaka MF-50L | 38 Ah

    Special Price 5,900 Rs. Regular Price 6,000 Rs.
  5. Osaka MF-60L | 40 Ah

    Special Price 6,600 Rs. Regular Price 6,700 Rs.
  6. Osaka MF-80L | 75 Ah

    Special Price 9,200 Rs. Regular Price 9,400 Rs.
  7. Osaka P140-S Platinum Plus | 110 Ah

    Special Price 15,100 Rs. Regular Price 15,300 Rs.

Items 1-20 of 71

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