Volta MF75L Lead Acid Sealed Car Battery

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This Volta MF75L Battery is 50Ah 9 Plates Sealed Lead Acid Battery. It can be fitted in all compatible vehicles.

We are one step ahead of the market, providing new and advanced products to our customers. The maintenance free concept focuses on the effort to eliminate the evaporation (water loss) inside the battery; therefore, no water addition is required for the whole battery life.

PAL, Parent company for both OSAKA and VOLTA batteries .

Battery Features:

  • This sealed battery comes with Calcium+ Technology helping to eliminates Electrolyte losses therefore increasing the life of the battery.
  • Polyethylene Envelope Separators are used between the cells to reduce internal short circuits thus increasing battery life.
  • These batteries are fitted with Eye Indicator to show the health of batteries (charged, discharged, need replacement).
  • Batteries are pre-charged and ready for use.
  • For safety, batteries are fitted with the flame arrestors for fire prevention.
  • They have high cranking ability in cold weather.
  • Low self-discharge

Battery Specification:

Battery Type Sealed (Dry) Battery: Yes
Tubular Battery: No
Deep Cycle Battery: No
Capacity & Plates Capacity @ 20 HR: 50 Ah
Number of Plates: 9
Dimensions Length (mm): 254
Width (mm): 170
Height (mm): 218
Battery Weight (Kg) 14.75 Kg




[[ PRO TIP ]]

  • Short Rides: Limit Short Rides
  • Terminal Corrosion: Keep battery terminals clean. The corrosion (sulfation) on battery terminal does not only hinder engine starting but also prevents the battery from charging fully.
  • Car Not in Regular Use: Unused car should be started once a week for at least 10 min to keep battery charged in working condition
  • Engine Starting: Keep all lights and accessories off when starting the car
  • Engine Off: Minimise power use while engine is off
  • Check Alternator Voltage: When engine is running, alternator should not be putting out more than 15+ volts or the battery may fail prematurely. Healthy voltage range is 13.8 ~ 14.5 volts
  • Check Battery Voltage once a month: Check battery voltage once a month. A healthy, fully charged lead-acid battery should have a voltage of around 12.7 volts or above.
  • Charge battery once a month: Battery should be charged 100% once a month to avoid permanent loss of capacity (in case battery is not finding enough charging time due to short trips). Only quality chargers should be used to charge the batteries.



All these stats, details and features are as advertised by the brand itself unless otherwise stated. No responsibility lies on BatteryMAX for validity of these claims. BatteryMAX presents stats already advertised by the brand in a more organized way, thus, helping you to make informed decision.


About Brand

Pakistan Accumulators Limited (PAL) is the parent company for both OSAKA and VOLTA batteries with operations spanning over 25 years now. PAL has over 1500 employees, 8 regional offices with head office in Islamabad Pakistan. Initially the company was established with the technical support from Chloride Industrial Batteries Limited, a subsidiary of Hawker Batteries UK with many factories across the world.

Today PAL has established itself a reputation across Pakistan for durable batteries. The company takes pride for introducing for the first time Maintenance Free (MF) batteries from 20AH to 150AH across the country. PAL manufactures batteries for a variety of applications including batteries for Motorcycle, Cars, Tubular Deep Cycle Batteries, Solar and VRLA batteries for telecommunication purposes. PAL manufactures batteries on both JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) and DIN (German Industrial Standard).

More Information
Battery ShapeBoxy
Sealed BatteryYes
Tubular BatteryNo
Deep Cycle BatteryNo
Battery Voltage12V
Lead-Acid TechnologyFlooded
Weight (kg)15 kg
Battery ChemistryLead Acid
Length (L)254 mm
Width (W)170 mm
Height (H)218 mm
Polarity LayoutLeft
Battery TerminalThick (T2)
Capacity (Ah)50 Ah
JIS RatingN50
Brand OriginPakistan
Made InPakistan
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Volta MF75L | 50 Ah
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