Atlas Battery Limited, incorporated in 1966, markets its batteries with the name of AGS. “A” for Atlas and “GS” for Genzo Shimadzu (the founder of Japan Storage Battery Co. Ltd., Japan; today known as GS Yuasa Corporation). AGS came into existence when in 1969 Atlas Battery Limited signed a collaboration agreement with its Japanese counterpart. The company makes wide array of batteries for cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles and construction equipment. With the Japanese technology, the company today has earned the reputation for manufacturing high quality batteries. That is why it is the first choice for Honda vehicles manufactured locally.

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  1. AGS HB-50 Atlas Hybrid Low Maintenance | 38 Ah

    Special Price 7,900 Rs. Regular Price 8,100 Rs.
  2. AGS HB-65 Atlas Hybrid Low Maintenance | 45 Ah

    Special Price 9,100 Rs. Regular Price 9,300 Rs.
  3. AGS GL-100 | 80 Ah

    Special Price 12,100 Rs. Regular Price 12,300 Rs.
  4. AGS GL-50 | 38 Ah

    Special Price 7,100 Rs. Regular Price 7,200 Rs.
  5. AGS GL-85 | 70 Ah

    Special Price 10,100 Rs. Regular Price 10,300 Rs.
  6. AGS GX-175 | 140 Ah

    Special Price 21,100 Rs. Regular Price 21,500 Rs.
  7. AGS GX-260F | 220 Ah

    Special Price 35,300 Rs. Regular Price 36,000 Rs.

Items 1-20 of 52

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